Whether you want to float upon the beautiful turquoise seas or hike through the jungle or swim with sharks, this tiny Central American gem can be as chilled or as thrilling as you want.

Panama sits poised to deliver the best of beach life, with a plethora of deserted islands and pure chilled Caribbean vibes on one side, and the monster swells of the Pacific on the other. Here you can scuba dive with whale sharks, or sail into the indigenous territory of Guna Yala, where the islands are filled with untouched sandy beaches. It goes without saying these isles are a surfers’ paradise.

If you want a taste of one of the most biodiverse spots on the planet then your best bet is to head off the beaten track to Darien. Here you’ll climb to find prehistoric waterfalls, and soak yourself in their spray before meeting one of the indigenous groups that live in the area. Or perhaps visit Kuna Yala and live out Robinson Crusoe-Esque castaway adventure. Off these beautiful islands, the crystal clear waters are perfect for snorkeling excursions to explore the sheltered coral reefs below the surface.

The true cultural heartland of Panama´s culture lies in the Azuero Peninsula. Here you’ll find the modern Panama-characterized by high-rise buildings, hotels, banks and malls that outline the coastal capital city. In contrast, the old town “Casco Viejo” offers rich colonial architecture and a myriad of historic buildings.

At the narrowest point of the country, the Panama Canal cuts through the land to spare shipping companies an almost 15,000 km detour around Cape Horn. Visit the most famous site of Central America, participate in a Panama Canal transit and watch the enormous ships navigate through the water gates, a large tick on many people’s bucket list.

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Reach Panama via a stopover in the US,  where we recommend spending the night and catching your connecting flight the following morning.

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