Myanmar's first luxury island resort

Wa Ale is a privately owned eco-tourism project on the 9,000-acre island of Wa Ale, located in the Lampi Marine National Park in the Myeik Archipelago. It is going to be a game-chafer for this region which has remained virtually untouched by tourism, but because of their philosophy, the area will retain its raw appeal for a long time to come.

This intimate and luxurious island retreat sits in a beautiful protected cove, overlooking a pristine beach and majestic rock formations. Here guests are invited to experience the natural beauty of the Myeik Archipelago in a luxury resort that encourages responsible and sustainable care for the environment. As an escape from it all, there are few places that will ever better this.

Wa Ale Island Resort is on the 9,000-acre island of Wa Ale, located in the Lampi Marine National Park, a designated ASEAN Marine Heritage Park, in Southern Myanmar

• Situated in the Andaman Sea off the southern tip of Myanmar

• 55 nautical miles from the town of Kawthaung on the mainland of Southern Myanmar near the Thai border

• The terrain is a scenic rocky coastline with beautiful white sand beaches with bays and inlets surrounded by lush evergreen and mangrove forests

• Luxury private accommodations on a one kilometre white sand beach with eleven Tented Beach Villas and three Treetop Villas

• Wa Ale Island Resort can be conveniently accessed by several airlines from Yangon to Kawthaung, Myanmar

• Upon arrival in Kawthaung airport you will be transferred by van 15 minutes to the Kawthaung Jetty where you will embark on an approximately two hour luxury speed boat transfer to the Resort


Wa Ale Island Resort’s philosophy is to emphasize conservation and be committed to giving back to the surrounding environment and local communities. The resort is constructed from reclaimed materials and practices alternative sources of energy for power. A percentage of profits from ecotourism is designated for various conservation efforts in the Lampi Marine National Park including Sea Turtle Conservation and Coral Protection as well as charitable donations to education and medical programs for the local community.


The Myeik Archipelago is a beautiful cluster of 800 islands located off the southernmost tip of Myanmar, close to the Thai border.

The entry point to the Myeik Archipelago is the small city of Kawthaung, which is 55 nautical miles to the island of Wa Ale.

The Myeik Archipelago offers great opportunities for exploration and diving amongst spectacular marine life and untouched coral reefs. The islands and the surrounding waters of the Andaman Sea have become a popular unexplored diving destination.

The region is also a fascinating place to visit culturally. The Moken people, also known as the Salone or sea gypsies, are one of the most distinct ethnic groups of Myanmar, living a nomadic, sea-based life in the Archipelago



The Resort is located on this beach, which is a protected nesting area where sea turtles lay their eggs year round. Spearheaded by Wa Ale Resorts, the Lampi Foundation was established to manage the protection of turtle nests on the island of Wa Ale.


This is another spectacular beach around a rock formation neighbouring Turtle Beach. Just under one kilometer, this white sand beach has clear, calm waters that are yet another setting for guests to relax, enjoy a picnic and explore.

How to get there

Wa Ale Island Resort can be conveniently accessed by a number of airlines that fly 90 minutes from Yangon to Kawthaung, Myanmar.

Upon arrival in Kawthaung Airport, guests are transferred in a 15-minute van ride to the Kawthaung Jetty, where guests embark on an approximately 2-hour luxury speed boat transfer to the Resort.

The entrance to Wa Ale Island Resort is a protected mangrove forest, we will help our guest disembark onto a handmade rock pathway that leads to an idyllic short walk to our Main Pavilion.

Wa Ale Island Resort will arrange all transportation for guests from Kawthaung Airport to the Resort.

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