Serenity reigns supreme at Kamalaya, a uniquely indulgent detox & wellness resort.

Not many hotels come with their own ancient meditation cave, but that’s just one of the many USPs that Kamalaya lays claim to. Created specifically as a space for rejuvenation, healing, and self-improvement, this beautiful property is set on the Southeast of Koh Samui, where stunning thatch-roofed villas immediately bring a sense of tranquillity and create a chasm between perhaps the full-moon partying scenes of its neighbouring islands.


The accommodation is a purposeful minimalist Asian luxury and blends into the peaceful surroundings beautifully, with villas scattered alongside the native waterfalls and lotus ponds. There are a whole host of room categories from hillside suites, to jungle villas, and giant beachfront villas complete with infinity pools.


Two al-fresco dining options are offered to guests, with an approach to dining that kicks fad dieting into touch, and instead favours nourishment, of both the body and mind. Nutrient-rich soups, smoothies, juices, and poached eggs are your breakfast staple, with gorgeously flaky fresh fish and pak choi on the menu for dinner.

Kamalaya also offers a range of cooking courses, where guests can learn how to balance delicate Thai flavours in a massaman curry, or Thai green coconut soup.



At Kamalaya you will be appointed your own personal Wellness consultant to give you a programme to improve yourself during you stay, this will be bespoke to your spiritual and physical needs, and will include spa treatments, yoga, reflexology, and perhaps even acupuncture. There are programmes specifically designed for detoxing your body, overall emotional well-being, or if you’re simply burnt out from the emotional stresses of 21st-century living.

Other programmes include:

  • Sleep Enhancement
  • Fitness Optimisation
  • Yoga
  • Emotional Balance
  • Digital Detox
  • Weight Control

The rest of your time can be spent between two pools, in the steam cabins, or meditating in centuries-old Monks’ caves.


It has been said that Koh Samui has a special kind of energy surrounding it, that has led Buddhist monks on a spiritual path to enrich themselves on the shores and in the jungle of this island for centuries. It is the sacredness of the solitude within Koh Samui that guests can discover and share the joy of spirituality within a community environment. It’s certainly not for everyone, but those that open themselves to this philosophy will return from this sanctuary enlightened. Leave your inner cynic at home and see what you can discover about yourself.

Map and travel information...

Travel time:

11.5 hrs London direct to Bangkok 4 flights per day
1.5hrs Bangkok to Koh Samui  20+ flights per day.

Best time to travel: 

Open year-round but we would recommend a stay between May and September. This will avoid the rainy season and the stifling heat of March and April. January and February are the busiest months.  

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