Beaches are widely recognised as a key factor in choosing the perfect holiday destination.

Nothing is better than relaxing on a sun-kissed sandy shore beside the ocean. But with so many destinations around the world that are famous for their beaches, it is hard to know which place to choose.

While different beach destinations obviously have a lot in common, there are also some key differences. Most of them will fit loosely into three categories, albeit with a little generalisation. Those categories, and some of the best destinations that fit into them, are as follows:

Thriving Tourist Hubs

Many destinations have become well-known as thriving tourist hubs, frequented by tourists of every kind. It is easy to be put off of these by images of crowded beaches, but this is often a mistake. While some of the main tourist beaches may be crowded, there will also be quieter spots and a choice of luxury resorts that eliminate the problem completely by offering private beaches. The advantage of taking a beach holiday in such a thriving destination is that you will have access to a wealth of local amenities and a thrilling opportunity to immerse yourself in local life.

Many Mediterranean and other European destinations fit very well into this category. Portugal, Malta and Greece are undoubtedly some of the very best examples. Narrowing it down to an individual destination is down to personal taste. For example, history lovers are likely to lean towards Greece.

Secluded Islands

Some islands in this category will be completely devoted to private, self-contained resorts. Others will be located on inhabited islands but, thanks to their small size, will still provide a quiet and intimate experience. In a sense, the seclusion and quiet makes these destinations into the opposite of a tourist hub, though the availability of quiet and private beaches mean that it is still possible to enjoy quiet relaxation in a tourist hub.

The Caribbean and the Maldives stand out as the two key destinations of this type. Both regions are made up of many, many islands, islets and cays providing a wealth of small, intimate locations and private islands. Both also benefit from wonderful warm weather throughout most of the year.

Cultural Getaways

This is perhaps the loosest category. Many tourist hubs also provide you with a chance to experience a fascinating local culture. So do island destinations such as the Caribbean, which has a rich and varied culture which draws influences from around the world. At the same time, locations in this category may also be visited for seclusion and even include private islands.

However, as a rule there are certain locations where culture is, at the very least, a bigger factor in a holidaymaker’s destination choice than elsewhere. Asia is the perfect place for a cultural experience, whether it is in Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka or Bali, they all offer not only incredible beaches but a culture that is fascinating and highly exotic to Western visitors. The same could be said of Morocco, but the culture in question is very different from those mentioned above.

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