How can the Maldives constantly exceed expectation?

Expectations of a Maldives holiday

Ah, a Maldives holiday! Because I’ve been spoilt in the travel arena, I have high expectations. Certain hotels and destinations build up an image or reputation in my mind but when I actually arrive there, often after years of anticipation, I am sometimes disappointed. Not to say that there was anything bad about those places, but they just weren’t as awesome as I imagined.

The only place to never fall short in any way is the Maldives. Not only did my first visit to the Maldives not fall short of the image I had built in my mind, but it completely exceeded my expectations.

The Wow Factor

Very few brands achieve such heights. Some years ago, a survey of airline customers’ expectation vs real experience put Virgin Atlantic on top. Their customers had high expectations but ultimately got an experience that exceeded even that. (On a personal note, I concur with this particular survey!).

So, for me, the Maldives is the Virgin Atlantic of paradise destinations.

Robinson Crusoe

By the time you land in Male International, you have already flown over the stunning northern Atolls.

After a short distance to the docking station, a seaplane whisks travellers in to the air again for 30-40 minutes, fly-time depends on your resort. This is the most amazing part of the journey as you fly much lower over the perfectly formed Atolls. The turquoise sea and white sand that surrounds each little dot of an island is truly unique. Frankly speaking, the pictures don’t do it justice and you will be totally blown away by the face-to-face reality of an awe-inspiring seascape with the Robinson Crusoe islands below.

Once you arrive, the magic continues. All the resorts we deal with reach the highest levels of service and beautiful food. Over-sized accommodation is standard, either perched over water on stilts or right on the beach. Each morning step out onto your own patch of pure white sand.

Paradise On Earth

This is place is truly a paradise on earth. While others claim to have this topography nowhere else can rival these islands which stand just a couple of metres above sea level. This is what makes this destination really so magical.

But don’t just take our word for it! Try a Maldives holiday yourself. We have a great range of resorts to suit all tastes including some exclusive resorts, honeymoon focused resorts, islands for families and bespoke packages where you can even island hop between 2-3 resorts to mix it up a little.

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