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Good news for tigers: the infamous ‘Tigers Temple’ in Kanchanaburi has been definitively closed by the authorities and the 147 tigers removed. There is evidence that there was an ongoing highly organised operation in the trafficking of endangered and protected tigers between Thailand and Laos where traffickers took advantage of so-called tiger orphanages like this one and used them as a front for their illegal activities. Finally this dreadful business has come to an end.

The rains are back: the first storms cool down the atmosphere and bring much desired water for farmers. Visitors to Thailand are rare in June yet they are the smart ones because they take advantage of the shoulder season which means beaches without the crowds, amazing prices and the best hotels within reach of every budget. This is something to bear in mind if you are considering Thailand for 2017.

With the rainy season coming back, it’s also an opportunity for some provinces to bring their natural attractions to the forefront. Loei province is the door to Isaan and the northern regions, where the Mekong River to the north makes a natural border with Laos. Few people know this region although we can tailor make packages that delight adventurous visitors, combining several provinces. Loei province is well known to Thais for white water rafting in the rapids from July. Visitors also come in winter for trekking and to admire the sea of clouds in the mountains of Phu Rua, Phu Kradeng and Phu Luang National Parks.

To the west, Dansai is known for Prathat Si Song Rak, built in the 16th as a peace symbol and where locals make wax trees during the temple festival. During June and July Phi Ta Kon is a grand procession of men and boys dressed as ghosts in their colourful masks and costumes. Loei province has also many interesting caves in the southern part of province, particularly Photisat cave which is famous for its stalactites, stalagmites and carved rocks.

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