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A Dream Destination for Outdoor Enthusiasts

From cool highlands to white sandy beaches, and desert to rainforest, the diversity of Madagascar is as intriguing as it is undiscovered and extraordinarily different from its African continental neighbours.

With such a variety of terrain comes a huge amount of biodiversity. Unique species of flora and fauna greet guests at every turn- over 80% of species found in Madagascar are endemic to the island, therefore impossible to find anywhere else into the world. Explore the national parks to meet lemur and the fox-like predator the Fossa, the elusive chameleon and a myriad of butterflies. Dive in the crystal clear waters and search for megafauna, humpback whales and manta-rays, creatures that have barely changed since the time dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Anyone with an appetite for wildlife and adventure will return with their thirst truly quenched, yet with a taste that will have you wanting to revisit for years to come.


  • Search for 11 species of Lemur, high in the canopy of Tsingy de Bemarha National Park
  • Visit some the UNESCO protected national parks for wildlife galore
  • Take a Marine Safari off the north of the island, where you could spot the Humpback migration, as well as whale shark, manta ray, and turtles
  • Have some time to rest and relax and dine of French-influenced cuisine with a stay at one of the many deluxe properties in Nosy Be
  • Adventure by canoe down the unspoiled Manambolo river, which teems with bird life.
  • Learn how to cook Malagasy dishes with a local chef

Best Time to Travel:

The best time to visit Madagascar depends on what you want to do and see.

  • January to March – Regular rainfalls make the vegetation lush and green, with lemurs and reptiles active and easy to spot.
  • April to June – Expect some heavy downpours interspersed with sunshine.
  • July to August¬† Cool and dry, making this an ideal time for exploring.
  • July to September – The Humpback Whale migration is in full swing.
  • September to November – The weather is particularly fine, remaining lovely and warm, with many lemurs having their young.
  • December – Hot with plenty of opportunities to see lemurs and reptiles.

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Our Africa Expert Said...

Lucie visited Madagascar in June 2019, after exploring the island she said of her trip: “the beauty and diversity of Madagascar simply cannot be understated. My first trip to this magnificent island has really opened my eyes and made me question why I’d ever delayed visiting. For anyone that loves wildlife move Madagascar to the top of your destination list today!”

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Fly into Antananarivo with International Airlines, via Nairobi, Paris or Addis Ababa

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