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A holiday in Peru is a wonderfully different and unique experience. Few countries in South America inspire such evocative images as Peru. It contains 28 of the world’s 31 climates, landscapes ranging from fertile valleys to Andean peaks, and cities preserving the legacy of the conquistadors. The barren desert known as the Altiplano has indigenous Indians that still preserve their ancient tongue of Quechua (and Aymara), while shepherds with their traditionally colourful ponchos herd llamas, alpacas and vicunas across the open plains.

We are delighted to offer trips to this destination through our other brand,  Latin Odyssey. Call us on 01491  410 492 or click here to visit Latin Odyssey’s website and start planning your adventure today.

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There are no direct flights to Peru from London so all flights go via a European or US hub and are generally daytime flights.

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