Be Transformed at India’s Finest Wellness Destination

The Atmantan Wellness Resort is a first-of-its-kind wellness destination in India, integrating international healing practices and modern fitness techniques with science-based retreats that translate into the holistic healing of the (Atma) Soul, (Mana) Mind and (Tann) Body, while bringing forth its values of warm Indian hospitality to all guests.

Nestled on a crystal hill, spanning 42 acres of lush green valley, Atmantan, has it abode in the Majestic Sahyadris, and overlooks the pristine Mulshi Lake. Atmantan is conveniently located close to Mumbai and Pune. It is the ultimate destination for reconnecting with yourself, revitalising your body and refreshing your mind. Founders have a background in Sports & Holistic Healing and, with that vision, they have created Atmantan as the destination that helps people improve their health and well-being.

Atmantan is the largest wellness centre in the country to use solar energy as the primary source for heating water, and has a revolutionary sewage treatment plant that enables chemical free water to be used for landscaping.


All the Living arrangements at Atmantan have been created for luxurious Integrated Wellness.

Asoka & Arjuna Groves

The Asoka & Arjuna Groves houses luxurious Garden and Balcony rooms with plush King or Twin sized beds, floor-to-ceiling view windows to bathe the room in natural light and a stunning glass-walled bathtub. The Asoka and Arjuna Groves houses 80 spacious rooms ranging between 370 to 418 square feet each. Ground floor rooms open into a sit-out garden with views of the landscape of Atmantan. First floor rooms extend onto a spacious private balcony with views of the spectacular mountains and landscape of Atmantan

Acacia Lake Groves

The Acacia grove contains expansively luxurious Lake-View guest-rooms. The strategic location of this grove gives inspirational views of the lake and the sun-kissed mountains on the horizon. These rooms contain plush King-sized beds, floor-to-ceiling view windows to bathe the room in natural light and a stunning glass-walled bathtub. The Acacia Lake grove houses 16 lavish rooms all with views of the breathtaking Mulshi Lake, and each of 440 square feet each.

Mango Tree Villa

The Mango Tree Villa stands as the majestic One-Bedroom Suite Villa at Atmantan. This luxuriantly Private Villa has its own Infinity Salt Pool overlooking the lake waters, Gymnasium, couple Spa Room, Infra-Red Sauna, and Steam facilities along with a butler’s pantry. Glass walled living and bedrooms have sweeping views of the valley and lake.  The resplendent en-suite bathroom is thronged by a walk-in wardrobe at one end and a refreshing open-to-sky outdoor shower at the other end.

The entire villa enthrals you with 270 degrees views of the majestic Sahyadri Mountains and the blue Mulshi Lake waters. The floor to ceiling glass walls here encourages you to walk out onto its horizon-touching porch. This villa even has its own gravity-defying pagoda which brings breathless splendour to in-room dining. The adjoining sun-kissed garden encompasses the rich landscape of the land and complements the utmost privacy of this villa. The interiors are opulently elegant with inlaid marble, warm wooden panelling, ornately upholstered furniture, soothing artefacts and twinkling crystal chandeliers.


Dining Pavilion

The Dining Pavilion houses three restaurants, serving nutritious, therapeutic meals appealing to the taste buds.

VISTARA, Main Dining

The name means ‘spectacular view’ and is a hybrid of ‘vista’ and the Sanskrit word ‘vistaar’ meaning ‘expanse’. VISTARA is the food theatre that gives you a holistic dining experience that truly inspires your taste buds. Serving creative and nourishing wellness cuisine, this restaurant opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Functioning on the principles of mindful eating, Vistara only serves Doctor-Prescribed meals to all retreat guests. Upholstered in sky shades, and encompassing sweeping views of the lake, VISTARA offers guests both indoor and alfresco (outdoor) seating overlooking the pristine Mulshi Lake.

TÉ-JUS, The Juice Bar

The name means ‘inner energy’ in Sanskrit, and in its duality is also a derivation of the words ‘tea’ and ‘juice’. This is the Atmantan Bistro serving epicurean healthy delights prepared a-la-minute using farm fresh produce which complements all wellness retreats. The myriad colours and gilded patterns of Té-jus are inspired by the varied moods and personalities of the Atmantan guest, as they choose to indulge in a soothing cup of herbal tea or a replenishing liquid concoction. Guests can relax and sip serenity in the afternoons and evenings at this bistro, and enjoy the breath-taking 360 degrees terraced vistas of the lake, valley and mountains.

CHANTARA, The Barbeque Lounge

Chantara means ‘the sparkling night sky’ and ensues from the Sanskrit words, ‘chaand’ meaning the ‘moon’ and ‘taara’ meaning ‘star’. CHANTARA is the alfresco Barbeque Dining lounge at Atmantan that serves innovative grills and interactive experiences to the guests. Open in the evenings on certain days of the week only, guests unwind here midst music and sizzling wellness cuisine. With a starry décor and an ambience as free as the night sky, CHANTARA brings forth enthralling evenings of leisure while indulging in mindful meals.

Wellness Pavilion

Atmantan has been created to enable individuals to live optimally. The wellness centre, with its integrated approach, provides deep transformative and healing experiences.

Doctor Consultation Wing

Atmantan’s team of Doctors collaborate to prepare an integrated program for guests’ personal objectives, using various techniques including acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy medicine and Pranic healing to address the underlying cause of the ailments. With their deep understanding of this integrated approach, they deliver result-oriented retreats to all guests. Guests come for a variety of reasons, including disease treatment, management and reversal, such as metabolic syndrome disorders, diabetes, auto-immune conditions, gut health, stress and anxiety.

Physiotherapy Wing

Ailments due to poor lifestyle or injuries can be effectively corrected with timely and regular physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy is offered to all guests at Atmantan as part of their retreats to help ensure bones, joints, muscles and tendons are in harmony. In the Physiotherapy wing, a plethora of remedial services are conducted from postural assessment and physical analysis, to various movement therapies that go a long way towards amending impairments. The team of experts specialise in treating a wide gamut of orthopaedic related conditions, including osteo-arthritis, ligament injuries, sports injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, joint instabilities, restoration of muscle and joint functions, chronic musculoskeletal conditions and certain neurological related conditions.

Shakti – The Gymnasium

Shakti (meaning ‘strength and endurance’ in Sanskrit), a 3500 square feet, state-of -the-art gymnasium is at your disposal. This includes the strength-training studio and functional studio, an indoor cycling studio, an expansive yoga studio, and a multi-functional pilates and dance studio. Atmantan’s holistic approach to Yoga and Fitness guides you towards comprehensive wellness that improves stability, flexibility, endurance and strength of the body, as well as the mind. The mind-body connection is an important aspect of their approach, which is based on the idea that the balance between these is crucial for everyone and is worked upon and restored as you participate in Fitness and Yoga activities. Cardio activities are supplemented with meditation, yoga and Pranic healing as you proceed on a personal journey of spirituality, positive thinking and effective energy transfer. Trainers design and guide guests through customised programs and work-out regimes, choosing from a plethora of exercise formats including Circuit, Gilders, Step Aerobics, Cardio Kick-boxing, Tai Chi, Aqua Aerobics, and stretch workouts along with dance works like Step Aerobics, Zumba, Bollywood Dancing, Salsa, Ghoomar Dance, Hip hop, Free-Style and Jazz.  There is also a spacious recreational sports complex which includes the outdoor gym – The Boudhik Hub – and the scenic amphitheatre called Prana (meaning ‘life giving force’ in Sanskrit), that overlooks the entire expanse of the Mulshi Lake.

Indoor and Outdoor Salt Pools

Atmantan have created special chemical-free Salt Pools which are safe, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and aura-cleansing in nature! The Indoor Salt Pool is an enclosed, temperature-controlled, chemical-free salt water pool with a vitality shower on the second level of the Wellness Pavilion. The Outdoor Salt Pool is an open-air, infinity, chemical-free salt water pool, with views of the lake and mountains in the midst of nature and chirping birds.

Treatments and Therapies Wing

Therapies are based on the concept that our bodies have the innate capacity to self-heal, and through the optimal channeling of body’s own energies, the benefits manifold. This wing offers remedies from traditional Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine and Energy Healing. Personalised programme are prepared by doctors for guests, including acupressure, aromatherapy treatments, the Tao Chi Nei Tsang treatment, the Shirodhara, Udwarthanam, Hot Stone Therapies, purifying body polishes, cocooning wraps, holistic anti-ageing facials and the Pranic chakra scan and cleanse. These also include specialist treatments such as the Hammam, open-colonics and soothing Balneotherapy. Being sincerely committed to healing, all skin products used at the Atmantan are natural, aromatherapy-based, and free of harmful chemicals, preservatives and parabens, and all therapies are medically and scientifically researched and prescribed only after mandatory health checks.

Map and travel information

Atmantan is accessible by air via flights from Mumbai and Pune. Both cities have international airports. Pune has international connectivity to Dubai, Abu Dhabi in the Middle East.

Once you land at the airport, Atmantan can be reached within 90 minutes from the Pune International Airport and within three-and-a-half hours from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

Fly in via a 45 minute chopper ride from Mumbai. Take off point from Mumbai – Juhu aerodrome, Vile Parle West, Mumbai.
Landing Location – The Atmantan Helipad (on-premise). Helicopter facilities are also available from Pune.

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