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Seerock “The King’s Domain” Boutique Hotel is a place where the genuine care, comfort and total satisfaction of guests is of the highest mission. Pledging to provide the finest personal service and facilities, guests will always enjoy a warm, relaxed and refined ambiance in a luxury hotel which enlivens the senses, instills well-being, and fulfills every wish.



Superior King or Twin Deluxe

The Superior King or Twin Deluxe room features either two twin-size beds or a king-size four poster bed with an 80″ x 80″ x 10″ Pillow top mattress, an indulgent Jacuzzi bath in a private, stylish bathroom with deluxe toiletries and all desired amenities. Sink into soft bathrobes and slippers and enjoy the scenery on your own veranda and patio, or relax in front of the 50″ flat screen TV with 50+ satellite channels. Stay comfortable with air-conditioning, heating and a complimentary mini bar with non-alcoholic beverages, tea and coffee.

Premier Deluxe

With all the luxuries of the superior deluxe rooms including an indulgent king-size four poster bed, the Premier Deluxe also features a private, in-room plunge pool and outdoor sun beds. Sink into soft bathrobes and slippers and recline on your outdoor sun beds, watching the scenery from your own veranda. Stay comfortable with air-conditioning, heating and a complimentary mini bar with non-alcoholic beverages, tea and coffee.

Grand Deluxe

The Grand Deluxe rooms feature an impressive private mini pool so you can enjoy the elements in total privacy. Soak in the hot sun on your own private veranda, or recline in front of your 50″ flat screen TV with 50+ satellite channels.


Discover Sigiriya

Sigiriya, a magnificent World Heritage Site with a rock fortress and a history of breathtaking architecture and art, awaits in the Central province, the Matale District of Sri Lanka. A site of historical and archeological value, a massive column of rock nearly 660 feet sits at the centre, selected by King Kashyapa (477-495 AD) as his capital. This new capital was resplendent with lush gardens, palaces, pavilions, frescos and a mirror wall and the king built a gateway in the form of an enormous lion half way up the side of this rock, hence the name “Sigiriya” derived from this structure. Atop the rock lies the King’s Sky Palace, decorated on all sides with colourful frescoes.


The Lion Staircase

Situated half way up Sigiriya rock is an impressive gatehouse which protected the entry to the Sky Palace on the summit. Built in the shape of a crouching lion,  the entrance to the palace winds straight through the lion’s chest. At 35 metres high, 21 metres wide, the magnificent lion gatehouse protrudes 11 metres out from the rock face and cannot be missed. Now, the paws and staircase are all that remain of this once colossal gatehouse. As tool as a man, the paws and fingernails do however still give a clear indication of its original tremendous size. Brightly coloured, with blazing eyes and mouth agape, the lion appears ready to swallow anyone who dared approach it!

The Mirror Wall

When the mirror wall was built 1600 years ago, it was a highly polished white masonry parapet wall that inched its way precariously along the near-perpendicular western surface of the Sigiriya rock. Commencing at the top of a flight of steep stairs at the Terraced Garden, it traversed a distance of 200 metres along a gallery once covered with frescos to a small plateau on the northern side of the rock where the Lion Staircase is located. The gleaming white wall provided an irresistible tablet on which are inscribed the musings of many an intrepid traveler. These are known today as the “Sigiriya Graffiti”. It is said that the plaster was so highly polished that it reflected the fresco paintings from the opposite rock surface. It is one of the few structures at Sigiriya which has stood almost intact over 15 centuries; a testament to the ingenuity and workmanship of the ancient craftsman who built it.

Frescoes of Sigiriya

The rich adornments, sophisticated clothing, lifelike appearance, vibrant colours, and the true rendition of facial and anatomical characteristics support the view that the artist drew his inspiration from the ladies of King Kasyapa’s court — his harem. They are richly adorned with ample bosoms and sinuous bodies barely concealed beneath translucent gossamer garments. Some say they are celestial nymphs carrying flowers to shower upon kings and mortals below. Others suggest that they are queens and concubines. Some even suggest that they are the manifestations of the goddess Tara. These nymphs of the mountain, in turn, have remained silent, smiling enigmatically, their secret intact for over 1600 years. They were to be admired but not touched. For this reason, they were depicted in true form, voluptuous and desirable, but shorn of any earthly sexuality. They were not intended to be titillating. Depicted as supernatural they are portrayed with flowers to shower upon the humans below. They were intended to evoke a sense of wonderment and to project the opulence and grandeur of Kasyapa the all-powerful god-king – a celebration of beauty.

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