As the days brighten and the air warms, spring-time evokes a certain excitement for the months ahead. If you can’t wait until summer, Spring is a wonderful time of year to travel and explore the world with a last minute adventure…

For sun worshippers, the Caribbean Islands are home to nearly-perfect temperatures, bucket loads of sunshine and the clearest waters in the world., Bask on beautiful white sand beaches and throw yourself into all the outdoor activities you could imagine, including snorkelling, hiking, swimming, sailing and more. There are a wealth of resorts and hotels to choose from along this tropical paradise and our Caribbean expert is perfectly-positioned to match your preferences to the ideal spot.

If you’re looking for an adventure-packed vacation, Costa Rica is the place to be! This Central American country offers breathtaking landscapes including rain forests filled with exotic wildlife, stunning mountain views and some of the best surfing waves around. During March, you can also experience Semana Santa (Holy Week) which is full of colourful parades and festivities throughout the country.

For those interested in exploring Europe’s rich history and culture, Italy offers plenty to see and do during this time of year. In Rome, explore ancient ruins like the Colosseum and magnificent churches including St Peter’s Basilica, sprinkled throughout this vibrant city. In Florence, take a stroll along cobblestone streets or admire Renaissance art at some of the city’s renowned museums such as Uffizi Gallery or Vasari Corridor. Don’t forget Venice, where a cruise around famous canals awaits. Lay back on a traditional gondola while enjoying live music floating through picturesque alleyways.

For an exotic escape, head over to Thailand during spring. Boasting pristine beaches with crystal clear waters, alongside lush jungles full of exotic wildlife, Thailand is full of surprises. It is also home to some incredible temples such as Wat Pho and Wat Arun that are worth witnessing during your stay. If you’re up for an adventure, climbing up Doi Inthanon Mountain yields spectacular views across Northern Thailand – definitely worth braving through its chilly temperatures at night!

Perfectly situated between two hemispheres – making it one of only six countries that have beach access on both sides – South Africa promises its visitors plenty of sunshine no matter when they go. Add its diverse wildlife and spectacular landscapes ranging from deserts and mountains all within arm’s reach, the country is an exciting destination suitable for anyone looking for action-packed days outdoors interspersed with safaris and visits to national parks galore.

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