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Tours of Japan have an enormous amount to offer any visitor but the most interesting part about Japan, in our opinion, is the culture and the people.

If you could read Japanese and learn the language quickly, we put money down that you’d move here for a lifestyle change.

Once you’ve absorbed the fact that it is possible to live in a modern country where you can feel safe but every convenience is provided, you can start to discover its other treasures.

The ancient history is fascinating with its Feudal Systems and Samurai, the architecture of those bygone days awe inspiring (along with the new), Mount Fuji is breathtaking and the food is simply scintillating as well as having major health benefits (if you don’t like raw fish, try the melt in the mouth Kobe Beef).

We really cannot emphasise enough the standard of the food in Japan – there are more Michelin stars handed out to Tokyo restaurants (191) than Paris and London combined. Incredible but true.

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The northern-most inhabited island of Japan provides flora and fauna in spring and summer and the best powder skiing in the world over winter. The best sashimi is also to be found here in the ice cold fishing waters.


Japan’s main island has a powerful draw, from the bright lights and futuristic feel of Tokyo, (in Mount Fuji’s shadow), to the hot springs of Hakone and beyond, the Geisha capital, Kyoto, and the amazing Alpine region.


Japan’s other major island offers beautiful gardens, an amazing train journey and the sight of the world’s most active volcano from the safety of Kagoshima city.


Japan’s answer to Hawaii.

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Capital city: Tokyo
Population: 127 million

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Time Zone: GMT+8:00

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